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seo-companies-postheaderUtah digital agency conducts a successful search for the state’s most talented designers, developers and SEO and internet marketing specialists.

South Jordan,UT–5/28/2013–When you produce award winning creative and impactful brand systems you get noticed- a little too noticed. Red Olive’s project queue grew to a three to six month waiting period and the search began to find the best talent Utah had to offer to add to their staff. This resulted in an employee increase of 50% for the firm this spring. The hiring process was long, as Red Olive makes a point of hiring only the most talented individuals in the industry, but paid off when they found the perfect candidates to fill positions within their design, SEO, development and internet marketing departments. Red Olive’s fresh talent will complement the work of their seasoned veterans by adding new perspectives and skills to key aspects of the firm’s work.

Why expand?

Simply put, to keep up with demand. Great creative work and effective digital strategy take time and involve many team members. In order to increase bandwidth, Red Olive set the goal of expanding their workforce at the beginning of the year. What started as a goal for the end of 2013 was quickly met and even exceeded by May 1st with the addition of new and diversely skilled employees. The employment goals that Red Olive has set and accomplished include:
• Hiring new designers to significantly increase their creative bandwidth, provide fresh perspectives and contribute unique skills to web design and marketing efforts.
• Creating a broader marketing department to help clients develop a cohesive message and increase reach through the expansion of their SEO department.
• Adding developers to provide a faster response time for client updates and allow for earlier launch dates.

What it means for Red Olive

To accommodate the larger work force, Red Olive has added a completely new office space to their building and plans to keep making small changes now that they have the ball rolling on design improvements. The design and structural additions they’re making to the office itself complement and reflect the exponential growth that the firm continues to experience.
Their addition of new team members is anticipated to significantly cut the workloads of each department, providing the firm with the ability to conduct more in depth design, strategy and implementation processes with a quicker turn around. Increasing the size of their firm will also position them to handle larger, more demanding projects.

Future growth

As the firm continues to grow, Red Olive will add new employees accordingly. Although they’re focused on getting the current new hires settled in at the moment, they expect their next round of hiring to fill positions within the vital software engineering and iOS development departments. However, because their main focus is on providing work from the most talented individuals in the industry, Red Olive always encourages skilled designers, developers and marketers to apply for positions at all levels ranging from interns to directors. Please visit for more on employment opportunities. If you would like further detail on the growth taking place at Red Olive, please get in touch with the media contact listed below.

About Red Olive

Established in 1999 and headquartered in South Jordan, UT, Red Olive is an award winning, full service digital agency. They offer their clients the whole package when it comes to building an online brand and have made a name in the industry over the past 14 years through hard work, dedication and the acquisition of Utah’s top talent. Their attention to detail and innovative work have made them one of Utah’s top digital agencies. Find more information on Red Olive at or by following them on Facebook.

Media Contact:
Cosette Jarrett
Phone: 801-545-0410 x412