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While we know that the proper month for a mustache competition is March, we here at Red Olive like to shake things up a bit. Having missed the Mustache March deadline, our team decided that the beginning of May was the perfect time to start growing out their mustaches to see who could have the best one by the end of the month. What started as a simple mustache competition quickly grew to a full-fledged costume and facial hair competition with style points and all.

This was a big (and slightly uncomfortable) month for the men of Red Olive as each of them did their best to grow out the most impressive stache in the office. After a long 30 days of no shaving, Mustache May has finally come to an end. The guys not only delivered by sporting some interesting facial hair, but also dressed the part as characters with some of the most famous mustaches in history including Luigi and Kip in Napoleon Dynamite. Although it seemed like a “guys only” event, the girls got in on the fun too with a little help from a pair of peel-and-stick costume mustaches. After an eventful morning of staff photos and mustache displays, the team at Red Olive got back to work as usual. Red Olive’s first Mustache May has turned out to be quite a success…so far.

Even though the mustaches have been removed, the legacy of Mustache May lives on through Red Olive’s Facebook page. Login to see our office mustache display and “like” your favorite. We’ll keep you posted as we tally the votes and select a Mustache May champion.