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Real SEO agencies don’t guess.

They have proven processes to identify opportunities, research customers and competitors, eliminate waste, and have digital marketing experts who can execute on both the technical and creative sides.

We have the answers when it comes to national and local Utah SEO, brand recognition, and competitive digital marketing. Sign up below and our SEO team will perform a search engine optimization audit on your website.
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Let’s start with an audit, here’s what that entails:

  • On-site & off-site analysis, to see what SEO foundation you currently have
  • Recommendations of key performance drivers and opportunities
  • Current rankings and what they mean
  • Ranking comparison with your competition
  • Content Analysis

A Utah SEO Company with over 20 Years of Experience

Why Red Olive

Here’s why our Salt Lake City SEO team is not like those other guys (and why that’s a good thing).


We rank #1 for every service we offer, and that’s against the best in the business.


Nope, those are for companies that can’t deliver.


We’ve been doing this since 1999.


We're not cheap, but we aren’t overpriced Silicon Valley either.


We service companies from Coca-Cola to start-ups like Rags.com.


We provide catered reporting to showcase revenue drivers that impact your specific goals and needs.


We adapt to the latest promising trends in AI SEO by using tools like ChatGPT when it fits our strategy (and high quality standards).

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Struggles We Solve Over and Over

Over the years, we’ve heard it all from our clients. To those new to the SEO game, we’ve explained how local SEO can boost web traffic and improve Google Maps rankings. For those who have been around the block a time or two, we hear about how another agency fell short in delivering the results they were promised.

If any of the below sound like you, we’ve got you. We’ve solved these and other complex problems many times. Whether you’re looking for hyper-local SEO or more national search volume, now is the time to work with Red Olive; we’re a team with the necessary expertise, experience, and skill to take you wherever you’re headed next.

If any of these SEO scenarios sound familiar, you have come to the right place.


The recipe is the same.
Sold by the A-Team.
Fulfilled by the C-Team.

Here’s why our Salt Lake City SEO team is not like those other guys (and why that’s a good thing).


You've tried to hire in house.
You have tried to hire traditional SEO Agencies, but they don’t move the needle.
You need out of the box ideas and strategies from experts.


Like impressions and traffic.
But you want leads, not just any leads, but high quality targeted leads.


Your current SEO company shows you work they have completed, but the lead volume and ROI doesn’t justify the cost.


You know content is king, but you never seem to get anything but meaningless blog posts that don’t seem to help.


How do I separate the noobs from the experts?


Why is there no guarantee?
How can I know I am not getting ripped off?


You don’t have time to babysit your SEO strategy.


Your business model and industry are unique.
You need experts with knowledge in your industry.

You don’t hire an SEO agency to just do work

You hire an agency that has industry knowledge and can deliver creative, effective, and scalable strategies.

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SEO Services FAQS

We get this question a lot, and there are many variables to consider. Pricing can range from $1,500 to $10,000/mo. To get a precise quote, we recommend letting our team perform an SEO audit on your site first. This will tell us where your site is currently positioned and help us create a roadmap for where you want to go.

To give you an idea. On average, we typically recommend a starting investment of between $3,000-$5,000 per month. An investment in this range, and by hiring the right agency (Red Olive) will deliver the results you are looking for and in a reasonable timeframe.

If you are not set up to invest that much, then at a minimum you should expect to invest between $1,500/mo. to $2,000/mo. Any agency that charges less will likely provide low-level, basic SEO services that won’t provide much value.

There are no contracts! We work month to month. You can cancel any time, we just ask for a 30-day notice so we can complete the strategy that has already been put in motion for that month. We aim to prove ourselves to you month in and month out.

No, although we see many agencies that do. These agencies market themselves this way so they can replicate/templatize their offering.  Sadly, it doesn’t ever work.  Instead, your experience will be centered around a one-size-fits-all mentality, cookie-cutter low-quality deliverables, conflict of interest, same content as your competitors, less than ideal results, etc.

This is exactly why we consistently outperform niche SEO firms. Whether your company is enterprise-level or a small business, we approach your website with a fresh, custom approach that is tailored directly to you. We take the time to thoroughly analyze your existing site and understand your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll learn your client personas and then adapt your messaging to improve the quality and quantity of your traffic and increase your conversion rates.

Yes. Mobile is a top priority, especially since most web searches these days are done on a mobile device. Our team will build and implement a strategy dedicated to taking advantage of the growing amount of mobile traffic.

Yes. SEO value can be carried over to your new site. In fact, as we build and design a new website for you, our SEO team often goes to work on your existing site to improve your rankings and ultimately gather data.

Yes. We highly recommend this approach. SEO takes time and can take 6-12 months to see results. So, while we are earning rankings with Google organically through SEO we can see instant traffic with PPC. It is simple, PPC combined with SEO will give us more opportunities/traffic to convert.

In addition, PPC also gives us data we can use to improve your on-site SEO. Engaging in PPC also allows us to test keywords to see what traffic and conversions we can get. The highest converting ones can be carried over to our SEO strategy.

Our monthly reporting consists of metrics including:

  1. Your overall KPIs
  2. Current site rankings
  3. Conversions (e.g., lead forms, phone calls, ecom sales, downloads, etc.)
  4. Traffic. (Type of Traffic)
  5. Cost per click and cost per acquisition
  6. Summary/Analysis of what each of these metrics mean.

However, you don’t need to wait for each month’s report to see your performance though—we are entirely transparent, and you are given access to our data to view your report any time.

In addition to our monthly reporting, our team will provide a written strategy that details what is recommended for the next month.

Our team analyzes your site performance frequently throughout the month and we do a monthly reset based upon the data. This approach keeps us agile and responsive to changing market trends and your competition.

Our reports are formatted at a high level view for executives to rapidly access the numbers. You don’t need to mess with filters to see month over month, year over year, trending data, sales data, ranking results, and your visibility trend. They are easy to read and easy to analyze.

A core Red Olive value is to stay informed. To accomplish this, we follow Google algorithm updates, various industry thought leaders, industry websites and publications, perform competitor research, and have paid subscriptions to ongoing educational platforms. When things don’t work, we make a careful analysis to understand why and what we must learn from those experiences. Our team constantly tests, and measures results which means we often identify new trends and are informed well ahead of other marketing agencies.

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With Our SEO Analysis You Get

  • On-site analysis, to see what SEO foundation you currently have
  • Analysis of your current position in your industry. Where do you stack up with your competition?
  • Recommendations of key performance drivers and opportunities
  • Current rankings and what they mean
  • Ranking comparison with your competition
  • Content Analysis
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