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One of the most common questions we get after we launch a web design project is “Do we offer SEO?” And the answer is: yes. In fact, we have been doing SEO for Utah companies for over 5 years. The typical scenario is that companies will want to focus on design and copywriting during the initial stages of a web development project, and not worry about driving traffic to the site until after the website launches. While it is actually better to think about SEO during the design phase, later is better than never.

If you are unfamiliar with what Search Engine Optimization is, it can be summarized by this definition:
Building quality traffic to your website through improved search engine rankings for keywords related to your company or services.

Some of the typical methods to increase search engine rankings include:

  • Improving title tags, urls, and website content.
  • Improving site coding for things such as decreased load times and creating a better user experience.
  • Improving off-site presence by creating content that builds links, social media strategy, and blog participation.

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  • Alan Gibby says:

    I am looking for a competent seo service in Utah that I can trust, even with a small budget of about $200 at this time. Do you offer a trial service so I can see what you can do? I have an established business and professionally designed website, but need help in getting more inquiries.