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The Red Olive creative team took advantage of the amazing opportunity to develop a brand for baja racing’s TSA Motorsports. TSA recently migrated over to the baja circuit from competitive rock crawling.  Collecting sponsors is an important part of any racing teams funding.  Our goal was to build an identity around the TSA team that demanded respect from other teams and to wow prospective sponsors.  Perk: Red Olive’s name appears on the race gear and the vinyl wraps for the trucks, a rolling billboard that competes. (Thanks again for that honor).

Below are some samples of the new identity, web design, and some collateral.



Due next month is the new interactive flash website where you can keep up on the teams standings, events, race photos, and more.

One Comment

  • Ben Peck says:

    The site looks freaken awesome. Can’t wait to see it in action. I’m sure this has been a really fun and exciting project for you guys to work on. Props to Brad and Vince.