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Red Olive welcomes a new web developer to the team, Aric Beagley.  Been here two weeks and he is currently attempting to convince the office that Ubuntu makes for the best desktop OS, the Windows guys had to laugh, and the MAC OS guys said what the hell is Ubuntu? Needless to say he isn’t getting very far with his campaign. However one thing we could all agree on, he has finally brought unity to the development team that (edit)  jQuery seems to run more solidly across all the browsers for us in general than mootools. (/edit)

Aric was brought on to raise the bar with our web2.0 and ajax efforts. So far so good. His CSS, JavaScript, and XML skills are amazing and in his short time here he has already made an impact on our development processes. 

And on a personal note, even though he is a die hard Mitsubishi EVO fan he has learned to tolerate conversations about the arch enemy the Shelby GT500, what a trooper.