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…where they belong. Turning Point Centers and Red Olive SEO teamed up to tackle the search engines for Utah Drug Rehab rankings. After a few short months of focusing on content and code, together we were able to surpass many of the road blocks to top rankings.


The top 10 spots for many of these key-terms are taken up by “drug rehab directories.” Many times the link back these directories typically require to be listed on their sites can be worth more than the link they give you. That is part of the reason they are usually in the top 10 and hard to topple. Think about it… if you have 30 pages full of drug rehab related content, which starts to make you an authority on drug rehab information, and you pass a link to a directory they receive a big boost in link juice. Now if that directory merely has a bunch of links on it, they appear to be an authority on links, not necessarily drug rehab. So you are trading 30 pages of content and information for a link from a site with a couple pages of links on them. I am not saying directories are bad, because they are helpful when used correctly, simply be careful when link trading. Remember, you can’t go wrong with content. Content is King.

Thanks Turning Point for letting us work on this project.