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January 23, 2019

Meet Red Olive

The digital world is full of billions of informational data. Full of business ads and promotional giveaways, every click users take drives them closer to your business or further away. Fortunately, Red Olive provides the roadmap to finding these customers and getting them to engage with your company. As a full-service digital agency since 1999, […]

Highland Custom Homes
September 15, 2015

New Highland Custom Homes Website

If you’re looking for a utah custom home builder that can produce a stunning masterpiece while keeping quality high yet maintaining the build price around the $100 sq/ft mark, look no further than Highland Custom Homes. Both homes took home first and second place Judges Choice Awards in the Utah Parade of Homes. Pretty Impressive […]

May 9, 2013

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2013

What does the Susan G. Komen foundation do? As the global leader of the breast cancer movement, the Susan G. Komen organization has made incredible contributions to breast cancer awareness and research. Since its inception in 1982, the organization has invested more than $1 billion into the search for a cure and the empowerment of […]

March 8, 2013

Is your Old Website Killing your Business?

Your website has just 50 milliseconds to establish a viewer’s first and lasting impression of your company according to a study conducted at Carlton University in Ontario in 2006. For this reason, creating a website that is aesthetically pleasing is an absolute must in order to portray the image you want for your company in […]

March 12, 2009

SportEar appoints the Olive to develop new site.

Red Olive, a utah web design firm, is honored for the opportunity to design and develop the brand new website for SportEar which is the company responsible for introducing the first Micro Comfort Canal 100% Digital hearing/protection device to the sportsman. SportEar’s products are like none else, they protect one’s hearing while maintaining the ability […]

August 7, 2008

Office Oddments: From Stagnant Water Cooler Water, to Otter Pop Addictions

We basically hit upon the next new trend in refreshments for business meetings that we are pretty positive is going to blow minds this summer — Otter Pops. No boring refreshments like colas, water, coffee or peanuts. We hope to have everyone sporting a day glow pop like some kind of radioactive glow stick protruding […]

July 29, 2008

Alpine Site in the Bag, Ready to Make Bargain Bankers Happy

Another one of our Utah locals, Alpine Credit Union, is dawning a new online presence with interactive web controls and a cool graphic interface. It’s a sleek radioactive green and black with cool little images, such as the “teen savers” money tree and the soda car with its twist on low calorie loan percentages. It’s […]

July 29, 2008

Paragon Wealth Management Ready to Roll with New Site: Red Olive’s 3rd Installment

It started with a logo, then on to letterhead and business cards, now Paragon Wealth Management is primed and ready to assist the masses with their finances while sporting a new and shiny website. And as everyone knows, there are folks who really need to take a hard look at their portfolios (or lack thereof…[myself]) […]

April 10, 2008

Shared Investment — Olive and UBIFCU Join Hands

Another business in need of some Olive work is now in the pipe. Our friends in business at United Business and Industry Federal Credit Union, based in Connecticut, located our Utah Web Design branch with some proposed tasks at hand. It’s a redesign assignment that will have some decent overhauls. Basically, since its a credit union, […]

April 9, 2008

Clark Outdoor Products – CA webpick of the day

Congratulations to Clark Outdoor Products for getting chosen as the webpick of the day.  We’re proud to have had the fortunate opportunity to do work for Clark Jungle Hammocks. They’ve been a great client that has given us a lot of trust and creative freedom. About Communication Arts/Webpick of the day:  “Webpicks features outstanding examples of Web design selected based on a combination […]

March 26, 2008

Red Olive Web Designers agree to Hammer Out S & S Steel’s Site

Red Olive’s creative and web design team is embarking on the task of redesigning S & S Steel’s site to add some flair, Flash and slick navigation to make a standout performance with their potential construction buyers. S & S Steel Fabrication fabricates steel structures for a variety of projects that cover a swath of […]

March 22, 2008

Oxygen Nutrition Gets Olive to Revamp their Online Face

A big herbal resource for resellers and direct consumers alike, Oxygen Nutritional Company, found Red Olive and liked what we had to offer designwise. Like Red Olive, Oxygen is based in Salt Lake Utah. Web Design and some graphic design additions are some of the main elements in the proposed agreement. Oxygen Nutritional needs a […]

March 12, 2008

The Eyes Have it: Retina Associates Chooses Olive for a New Look

Red Olive Design is happy to take on a site designing task with a big force in the Opthalmology community — Retina Associates of Utah. They found us and would like to build a new site that not only presents a clean and easy service description, but a information hub for patients, family and those […]

March 7, 2008

Olive Tackles Ski Town Restaurant’s Site Build

Ski Town Restaurants, soon to be found at, sought out Red Olive to help them both create and design a site from scratch. Ski Town came to the Olive with a novel service approach to aid hungry online vacationers find ski town restaurants across the U.S. — starting with Utah’s posh Park City and […]