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Another one of our Utah locals, Alpine Credit Union, is dawning a new online presence with interactive web controls and a cool graphic interface. It’s a sleek radioactive green and black with cool little images, such as the “teen savers” money tree and the soda car with its twist on low calorie loan percentages.

It’s soon to go live and should be searchable in no time. For their members, our web programmers made it possible so that the people at the credit union can update the site with information and links. One little addition is their handy used car section. A little classified shopping on the side is not so bad, especially where you can pick out a car and check the loan rates for that purchase is pretty convenient.

Red Olive is anticipating everything to work out well and we thank Alpine for their patience and due diligence — you all are gentlemanly and gentlewomanly as well as scholars — that didn’t sound as good as I had hoped when I read it back, but the feeling is there. Thanks!