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October 22, 2010

Local Search and Keyword Order

Do more people search [“Location” + Keyword], [Keyword + “Location”], or [Keyword + “in Location”]? The answer based on the data I am looking at today suggests [“Location” + keyword] almost always wins. Sometimes the difference is minimal, sometimes the difference is huge. The takeaway message is to try and rank for as many keyword […]

August 31, 2010

Last day in Seattle

Last day at the SEO Conference in Seattle. Learning some great landing page, twitter, seo, and traffic conversion tips! I’ll share a few quick tips from @tim_ash, lose the address field on your form and gain potentially 17% more conversions. Also get those trust logos above the fold!

September 15, 2008

The Olive welcomes it’s newest bright eyed talent – Ryan Moeller

Yeah let’s dispense with the most obvious question first, any relation to Matt? Yes Ryan comes to Red Olive from Zions Bancorporation where he worked with ATM software and wasn’t allowed to have razor blades near him. With a background in C++ and a desire to do more than earn vacation time we persuaded him to […]

July 1, 2008

Olive Makes your Site Pretty and Wants Everyone to See

What good is a site if it’s not seen? Well, you say, people simply know my place of business and can type the name in Google and It will pop up. This may be true, but have you made sure that you at least show up on the first 10 listings of Google, Yahoo or […]

February 22, 2008

Red Olive to present “How to effectively market your business on the internet” seminar for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce

Date: March 19, 2008 Time: 8:00 AM TO 9:30 AM Red Olive’s Justin Wilde will be presenting a 90 minute seminar for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce titled “How to effectively market your business on the internet”. We will be addressing the web industry, creating niche markets, common internet advertising mistakes, effective design, offering value added services […]