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What good is a site if it’s not seen? Well, you say, people simply know my place of business and can type the name in Google and It will pop up. This may be true, but have you made sure that you at least show up on the first 10 listings of Google, Yahoo or MSN. Also, what about new people that don’t know your business name but need the goods you are hawking, the services that you are rendering? Afraid of out-of-towners? Of course not — new business is better business. Clients become clientèle even if it is the virtual version of them visiting your site, plopping items in their ‘shopping cart’ and checking out.

And if you’re not coming up on the top 10 listings in a search engine, the friendly face you saw in your shop a week ago that was traveling across the country, who decides to go online shopping for you when he gets home but doesn’t find your name up on the boards, you are out a sale.

Anyways, what I’m getting to is that to make your web presence known is to prime your home page and whatever landing pages you manage with proper ‘optimizing’ measures, better known as search engine optimization (SEO). Red Olive not only makes your online business aesthetically pleasing to shop, but now makes it known and potentially a popular place to shop with our improved SEO specialties.

The Quick and Dirty SEO List

Here are some quick facts I’ve gathered to give insight as to what SEO has over word-of-mouth and phone directory marketing logic:

Be Seen Separately from Local Competitors

When you are listed in a phone directory you are packed among your local competition. When optimizing your site, you can be found under specific key phrases that are relevant to your company.

Most Search Online for Business and Goods Anyway

I don’t know about you, but I don’t use the directories anymore, I use search engines to find businesses, addresses and places to get things done or have fun. Marketing online is really the better investment in this regard.

Get Your Site to Pay for Itself

Your business online will simply pay for the SEO investment you put into it in the long run. If your SEO specialist invests proper white-hat (ethical) techniques to make your presence online bring in new leads and new buyers, you’ll find this better in the long run than many other direct mail or print ad marketing. Because not only does this bring in more buyers, investors and prospects, but it betters your business reputation, public relations and overall noteriety.

You Can Measure SEO

Site visitations and metrics are easily constructed. You can look at the numbers to find out if the efforts are worth it. With other ad platforms, such as phone book ads and signage, you shoot into the dark and hope your gut is right.

There are many more ways SEO is worthy for your business. And just like our design and site beatifying processes, we value SEO just the same. Our SEO services are primed and ready to spread your word.