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Back in the early years of the Internet, you could do very little Search Engine Optimization and be ranked on the first page, or even #1.  And with little or no maintenance you would stay in that position for a long time.  But times have changed, therefore, a different approach must be taken in order to compete.

  • Do your Homework

Before you ever begin to do any Search Engine Optimization or before you have a Web Design Firm or Search Engine Optimization Firm do it for you, you must perform extensive research.  You might be asking yourself, why would I need to do research?  The answer is simple, times have changed and as a result the more refined your keywords and phrases are the easier it will be to climb the Search Engine Ranking ladder.   Why compete against large corporations when your target is probably much smaller.  Put yourselves in your consumer’s shoes because more often than not they think differently than you would.

  • Continue adding relevant keyword intensive content on a regular basis

Nothing will hurt you more than having a Web site that hasn’t been updated in years.  But don’t get me wrong, trying to pack your Web site with a ridiculous amount of keywords will only hurt you in the end.  Make sure that your content is relevant to the consumer, otherwise its worthless.

Search Engines don’t pick up Flash at all, it is considered just blank in their eyes.  Therefore, if SEO is something that is very important to you when designing your site, making an all Flash site probably isn’t the best idea. Visit the red olive seo blog for more tips and general chit chat.