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We are big fans of wordpress and would like to share some of our own research to help others with similar issues.  It really sucks that WordPress by default doesn’t work with php/IIS installs.  One would ask why not just switch to Apache?  Because it can’t run ASP.NET, that’s why.  Rather than dedicate an apache box just to gain a blog site with search engine optimized URLs, lets just get it to work eh?

  1. You have to use PHP 5.2.0 or earlier.  5.2.1 results in 404 Errors.
  2. You need a little ISAPI filter installed on the site that replaces the mod_rewrite functionality.  Download dll and ini files here
  3. Step by Step instructions with pretty pictures here
  4. These tutorials were written before the release of php5.2.1 which promptly breaks the functionality, so there is no mention of this bug. Coincidentally we tested it with php5.2.3 too and it returns bad headers so stick with 5.2.0 for now.

If you would like a DEMO simply look at the URL in your browser. I like it when things just work.