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Dannon's Light Fit

Just another reason to head to the web when you are looking for deals ” print coupons are big time. Dannon’s line of Light & Fit® products are on sale with a quick link and printout of their online coupon ” a generous 1 dollar off coupon that has recently been brushed up by our tenacious gaggle of Utah graphic designers.

We kept it in line with their Light & Fit® look but with an added bit of flash element and cumbersome image positioning. I like the way the sunburst shine emanates while rolling over some of the buttons — although I am easily distracted by shiny things.

We expect to find smaller versions of this placed intermittently throughout the web with fitness sites that Dannon coordinates this promotion with. It’s basically going to be bannered along margins of lucky partners in various web ad campaigns.  

Red Olive® is happy to see their little touches on a national scale.