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Red Olive’s little team of Utah Web Site designers pieced together a big project with UBI Federal Credit Union’s new site design. The site has some neat features not found on many landing pages for credit unions out there in the web ethers.

UBI members have some easy to find resources and some cool feedback tools we injected. The UBI people made it easy because they have all the helpful raw material to piece it all together. They were very helpful supplying us with the goods while we did the groovy room decoration.

Some highlights on the UBI site that our site designers made happen:

– From one of their tool options for finding surcharge free ATMs, you can enter your zip code into search and a map will pop up with all the local ATMs in your area.

– From the homepage left side navigation a Java script hovering pop up note will appear when mousing over the contact button, which looks like a cute little ripped paper note — complete with paperclip.

– From the homepage a display for survey feedback was constructed using Ajax. The current poll was asking “How are you managing higher gas prices?”

I X’d out option C — “buying a more fuel efficient car.” Because I recently got myself a subcompact Nissan Versa…man I feel like I’m doing product placement..oh wait I am. Sorry.

Thanks UBI!