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By now any self respecting business owner knows that having a website is crucial. When someone hears about your business and they would like to learn more, the default has quickly become the internet. If a potential customer has your business card or can remember your business name (which often times they won’t), they can find your website fairly easily. So what happens when they can’t remember who you are? Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but your website is invisible. I know this is troubling news, but without being able to get to your site it’s almost like not having one at all! Yes, I know you spent thousands of dollars to get the site of your dreams and yes, people can still find you online, but it’s going to take some work.

The solution to customers finding you despite not remembering who you are is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With SEO you are able to drive customers to your website by the searches they perform online. Here is an example: Say you own a tattoo shop in Salt Lake City, UT. You are a new business and not too many people know your name or website. Potential customers go online and search for “tattoo shops in utah” , which gets searched about 480 times a month. Roughly 60% of all searchers will click on the top 3 results of the search engines. Being in the top three results for this single keyword could potentially translate to 100 visitors to your website per month!

At Red Olive we are capable of making this happen and you will be on the first page for all the world to see. There are other internet marketing channels as well that can also generate great, qualified traffic. So now you know that your website’s invisibility is really a non-issue and can be addressed. Not so troubling after all!