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There are a variety of Google Adwords match types: phrase, broad, and exact. In most cases you’ll have a mix of these match types, so there is typically a wide range of keywords that can trigger your ads, and result in clicks. Therefore, you’ll want to keep an eye on what specific keyword searches are costing you clicks, aka money.

There are basically two methods to find this data. There is an Analytics path and an Adwords path. For whatever reason, I seem to get better data out of the Analytics path. The Adwords path sometimes lumps specific searches into an “other search terms” section at the bottom. The steps for each path are listed below. This tutorial is assuming you already have Adwords and Analytics set up, and they are synced and communicating.

Analytics Way

  • Path:
  • Click: “Traffic Sources” in the left-side navigation
  • Click: “Sources”
  • Click: “Search”
  • Click: “Paid”
  • Click: “Matched Search Query” in the “Primary Dimension” Section
  • Enter Date Range (top right).

Adwords Way

  • Path:
  • Click: “Campaigns” button at the top and then select “All Online Campaigns” (or a specific campaign where appropriate)
  • Click: “Keywords” Tab
  • Click: “Keyword Details” then select “All”
  • Enter Date Range (top right)

Google is constantly updating and improving their system, so these instructions may change at any time.

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