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Matt Moeller
Founder / CEO
Justin Wilde
Partner / VP Sales
Adriane Moeller
Human Resources
Braydn Jones
Director of Sales
Joshua Luther
Associate Director of Development
Mike Murphy
Director of Marketing
Mike Bonner
Director of Development
Chris Grayson
Creative Director
Dallas Dean
Sr. UX/UI Developer
Veronica Kelly
Sr. Web Developer
Elena Ludlow
Web Designer
Cameron Raterink
Art Director
Max Daines
Sr. Producer
Ryan Butters
Sr. Email Marketing Manager
Sarah Gabbert
Web Designer
Jonathan Rodriguez
Sr. Digital Strategist
Shawnee Goodman
Project Manager
Paul Larsen
Sr. Digital Stategist
Phillip Mullenax
Sr. Digital Strategist
Chase Kitteridge
Front End App Developer
Matt Mascarenas
Scott Lowry
Project Manager
Cheri Christensen
Project Manager
Dan Figuero
Sr. Marketing Strategist
Adam Holsinger
Sr. Developer
Thatcher Olson
Paid Advertising Manager
Brandon Warner
In-House Council
Blakely Gull
Tiara Reidhead
Marketing Associate
Andy Johnson
Sr. SEO Analyst
Richard Overmyer
Outreach Specialist


Red Olive is an award winning Digital Agency based in Sandy Utah. We’ve been creating awesome since 1999. Our office is comprised of the top designers, marketers, technologists, and strategists in Utah. Give us a call and see what you’ve been missing.

Born Dec 9, 1999

Getting Started
Red Olive® was founded by Matthew Moeller in 1999, back when Google meant 1 followed by 100 zeros. Our mission statement back then was “To build beautiful engaging experiences” which holds true to this day.
Grow and Thrive
Our longevity in this often short lived industry can be attributed to three key factors. First, no debt. Second, our ability to embrace and be motivated by changes in technology. And third, having an incredibly talented and passionate team. These three factors have allowed us to grow our team, and thrive on the latest tech and trends.
Design and Market
As we evolved into a full service Digital Agency, we realized that creating beautiful, engaging content was only half the picture. The other half turned out to be the ability to successfully market these creations to consumers. Red Olive has been in the top three organic search results on Google for each service it offers for over 10 years; a feat no one else can claim. How? We’re good at what we do, and we have the perfect balance of design, programming prowess, and strategy.
Perfectly Positioned
From 2011-2014, Red Olive tripled in size to 21 employees in order to keep up with demand, and we’re on track to triple again by 2018. We differ from the traditional agencies in town, we are experts in the digital arena, a place where they fall short. And with the ever-growing trend of companies moving from traditional media to digital, we’re positioned perfectly.

Our Mission
Create beautiful engaging experiences.