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SUSE shedding its skin

SUSE, a leader in enterprise-level Linux software, needed a new website. The current site's dated look and confusing user experience reflected poorly on SUSE's state-of-the-art product and modern business model. SUSE asked Red Olive to build them a site to showcase the brand.

Building a Better Experience

SUSE's previous site suffered from a bloated site structure. The page hierarchy was leading the visitor away from, rather than toward, their goals. Our process began with detailed conversations about user data, past testing, and an overall understanding of SUSE and its products.

Adding Personality

The site's subject matter — servers, databases, and cloud services — can easily come off very dry. We had to learn more about our target audience and how to best speak to them. With bold colors and unique copy, we were able to spice up SUSE's brand and add a bit of fun.

Building the Sale Funnel

The overall goal for the SUSE site — an individual user conversion — is to sell a subscription for software support. Red Olive's strategy was to focus on the benefits of SUSE"s software products, then emphasize the importance of the support that SUSE offers.

Expanding the Site's Capabilities

While the primary focus of the site is to drive subscriptions, we also needed to focus on the importance of other products and capabilities that SUSE has to offer. A strong emphasis on consulting, training, certifications, and more gives the IT professional a reason to keep coming back.

A Responsive World

As with all sites we build, responsive design and functionality were critical. Every page was designed for a seamless mobile experience. While certain features are more widely used on a desktop, we created a clean mobile experience without compromising information or functionality.

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