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York Howell attorneys strive to create long standing relationships with their clients and strives for excellence in all aspects of life.

Web Design
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The Red Olive web design team worked side-by-side with York Howell & Guymon, making critical decisions. This collaboration helped uncover answers to difficult decisions throughout the design process as the client provided valuable insights into their field of work. Together, we created a site design that included creative solutions that fit both our standards.

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The website’s layout and design treatments also match the style of their real-life office space. York Howell & Guymon’s new website provides all the information you need in a well-organized content structure so you can know you are getting the right attorney for the job.

Nailing the Narrative

Long gone are the days of where you can hire an attorney without worrying about their specialty. The fact is, the law is exceptionally complicated and becoming more so all the time. But, just because the law is complicated, doesn’t mean your legal team’s site should be. York Howell & Guymon is one of the most advanced law firms in the Intermountain West, but its website was extremely difficult to navigate or understand. When they wanted to upgrade their digital presence to make it work better for their clients, they turned to our expert web design team.

Our Aesthetic Approach

Just as York Howell & Guymon sets a high standard for every attorney at their firm, our designers put their website design up to the same rigorous tests. First, our team created a website design that organized the content structure and improved site navigation. The site’s structure highlights the client’s four specialty areas, and provides easy access to each individual lawyer’s profiles. We also kept the client informed throughout the design process, so they could guide our decisions and help move the process forward.

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What’s been just out of reach for a little too long? Tap into our experts’ fresh perspective.

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Let’s Work Together 

Let’s Work Together 

Stephanie OrfanakisStephanie Orfanakis
05:30 10 May 22
Red Olive has been an indispensable partner to me and my team. They help us with SEO and paid digital advertising and are incredibly knowledgeable and creative when it comes to strategy and implementation. We can always count on them to be many steps ahead of us when it comes to best practices and ideas to improve our SEO and advertising efforts. They are professional, timely, and reliable. We are grateful for their partnership!
Mark NeihartMark Neihart
20:00 28 Apr 22
Red Olive has been my digital marketing partner for years now. They built our current website, manage our Dm spend, and are brilliant at SEO. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Jessie FryeJessie Frye
19:48 28 Apr 22
This is one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of working with! Their design, account management, and SEO team are amazing. They are super responsive in all situations. I would highly recommend their services!
Krista AckleyKrista Ackley
17:01 26 Jan 22
Everyone I have worked with at Red Olive has been incredibly helpful, friendly, and responsive! We have received so many compliments on our new website that they designed for us, and we have generated several leads thanks to their SEO efforts. Braydn, Paul, Shawnee, and the rest of the team have been amazing to work with. Thank you, Red Olive!
Brad BishopBrad Bishop
17:09 25 Feb 21
I have been working with Justin and Red Olive for over 10 years. From the logo designer, to the website developers. and to the other staff that got us business cards…They have all been professional, creative, and responsive to our needs.Our initial investment in 2011 to create a logo and website was more expensive than others we looked into, but the recommendations we received and the website examples we reviewed, SOLD US! Their reputation proceeded them then and continue to do so now. After working with them for all these years, we have never looked back! We still even pay a little extra for business cards, because our employees like them so much. Others who originally recommended Red Olive to us say the same thing.I have been so happy with our website. Because our site was developed to be self-maintainable, we easily gained the value and then some from our initial investment. There have been some small maintenance items over time that have had to be assisted with us and it has cost us a little more lately than maybe a smaller individual contractor would charge. However, because technology is much more advanced since then, we are now going back to them for the next 10 years. Contracts with Red Olive set expectations clearly up front, which we appreciate. Red Olive truly set us both up to have successful partnership. I really mean it when I say, "Thank you so much for all that you have done for our organization – It has made a big difference in fulfilling our mission and for helping our clients. We look forward to our new upgraded website."