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For as long as I can remember I have loved stickers. Growing up my Mountain Bike, Snowboard, Skateboard and about everything else I could stick a sticker on was covered with my favorite stickers. I remember when I bought my first Apple 7100 in college, it came with the 2 Apple stickers. One went on my mountain bike and the other went on my back window of my truck. My first job out of college was Art Director of a Colorado snowboard clothing company called WaveRave. I designs tons of stickers that we gave away as promos to every and anyone that would take them. People love stickers and will place then just about anywhere. Who doesn’t like stickers?

So we at Red Olive decided to do a sticker run of our own to see where they may end up. If you see a Red Olive sticker somewhere take a picture and send it to us. I just got a photo from Matt Moellers IPhone of a sticker on a road sign in Venice Italy where he happened to be visiting on his ten year anniversary. I would post a picture but I don’t want to get him in trouble for destruction of property. If you would like some to stick some where and join the Red Olive Sticker Revolution just drop us a note and we will send you some, or better yet if you would like to have us design your own sticker for your brand just fill out an RFQ. Look into Red Olive Design for all your Web / Interactive, Print and Identity / Logo needs.