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So after a couple of years of using the same old free GE sample mouse pad we decided to design custom Red Olive mouse pads. What a great marketing tool, a advertisement that’s in front of your client every time they sit and work. I know that the next major appliance I purchase will be be GE and I only buy GE brand light bulbs because of the branding on my old mouse pad. Want to know something sad about it, we cleaned the office today and sorting paper work I didn’t have the heart to toss it because I feel it still has value. I guess I can toss it now because we have a inventory of mouse pads now.

That being said if you would like your own Red Olive mouse pad just fill out a contact form and note you would like a mouse pad, or even better yet let us design a custom mouse pad for your company along with other Web, Print and Identity projects you may be interested in.