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So in a earlier post I mentioned that I bought a Macintosh 7100 in college. Do you know all the Apple products you have owned or used in the past years? The other night I found this image of Apple Form Factor Evolution 1976 through 2007. Lets see how many I have owed and used over the years. How many have you had…

Heres mine going down the list.

1) I had a friend that got a Macintosh Plus for Christmas, boy was I jealous.

2) I used a Macintosh Classic in school.

3) I went to the Colorado Institute of Art in 1993 and started designed on a Power Mac 7100. With my work schedule It was hard to use the computer lab during the open hours so I went out and bought one with the help of my dad ( more then I paid for my first truck ) so I could start my ongoing pattern of using the computer late at night instead of sleeping.

4) My first job out of college as a Art Director. 2 Macs, a Quadra 800 and a Powerbook 180c, I even had a Wacom tablet, scanner and a BW laser printer. Life was good.

5) A few years later I decided to get a new laptop so I bought a color Powerbook 190 – but no CD drive yet.

6) My office bought me a Power Mac G3 when they first came out, I was in love.

7) a year later I upgraded my laptop to a Powerbook G3 and used this as my main computer for awhile.

8 ) Yes I had a Jellybean G3 – I hated the mouse and don’t know anyone that liked the hockey puck of a mouse. I tell people that after using it one night I took it and tossed it against the brisk wall in my house, did you do the same?

9) I owned the next G4 later to glad they changed the mouse design.

10) I bought a Cube a few years ago to run OS 9 on and run a Roland vinyl plotter on, still have it. I remember when it came out and everyone wanted one cause the clear plastic case looked so cool. I bought mine on Ebay for $500.

11) I worked on a Powerbook Titanium G4 for a little while.

12) Used a iBook to.

13) Had a Power Macintosh Quicksilver when I worked for Dunlop.

14) Bought a 2nd generation Ipod ( a brick with a firewire port )

15) Bought a 15″ Powerbook Aluminum. Still use this workhorse and love it.

16) When I bought the last laptop I got a Ipod click wheel and gave it to my wife.

17) Bought a 17″ Powerbook Aluminum. Used it for a couple months then sold it because for a laptop the screen was to big for me.

18) I have a Power Macintosh G5 at my office now.

19) ipod shuffle, looks like a pack of gum. Love this for Mt Biking because its light and small.

20) Mac Mini, I have this hooked up to my LCD TV at home and Bose theater to listen to Itunes and Pandora internet radio. Nice and small.

21) Ipod Nano, I love this Ipod and use it all the time. Its small, holds my playlists and works great. Best Ipod I ever have bought. Actually have 2 of these, one for me and one for my wife.

22) So I bought a video Ipod on Ebay because I knew a guy that swore by his, I never really used it except for a hard drive so I ended up just selling it not to long ago. How many Ipods do I really need.

23) IPhone, this is the greatest phone / planner I have ever owned. I love how it snycs with my outlook address book and calendar with no hick ups. Mail is so east to use, I can have a client email me in the evening when I’m away from the office and send them a reply instantly. Its really helped to make then feel we are always looking after them. If you don’t have one go out and buy one.

24) Apple Monitors I have had all three listed – Studio CRT Display

25) Cinema Display

26) Aluminum Cinema Display – I have this one in my home office and use with my Powerbook. At the office I’m running dual Dell 24″ displays and love them.

27) I just replaced this Airport because lightning touched not to far from my house and burned it out even with a power strip.

28) I like the new Airport Extreme at home. The slimmer design is more appealing the to spaceship looking one they had before and I can use a backup hard drive hooked up to to and connect to it wireless. Pretty cool.

29) I guess I have used all the mice listed but still prefer the Logitech click wheel mouse better then any of them.

So looks like I’ve contributed to the time line a little. In our office we run both platforms for testing, design and applications but I will be a Mac geek forever.