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With everybody and their grandma now owning a smart-phone/tablet/smart-phone-tablet-robot (and with that phrase becoming more and more literal as time passes!), effective marketing needs to be available on every platform possible to reach people. We’re a nation of technology addicts, so ensuring that we can successfully reach potential customers is vital to the performance of any business.

The ultimate goal of internet marketing is to increase conversions. A conversion might be a sale, a new user, or a lead. However you choose to define a conversion, there are two components to increasing them: building traffic (web marketing) and converting that traffic (site design, content, and coding). Some companies are usually good at one or the other. What makes Red Olive stand out is that we have talented designers and developers to back up our online marketing team. We don’t outsource the design, coding, or website editing portions of your SEO campaign. This saves us both time and hassle.

Red Olive has the know-how necessary to help your company thrive through digital marketing. We specialize in each of the key areas needed to create an effective online marketing campaign. Our experienced SEO team will help you rank for keywords, while our award-winning designers create ads, infographics, and landing pages designed to convert. We also have a strong programming team who are basically wizards when it comes to website functionality, social media apps, and the general running smoothly-ness of your website.


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