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As part of a project with Optima Batteries, Red Olive set out to make an authentic video documenting a 4×4 trip on one of the most scenic trails in the lower 48 states, the Morrison Jeep Trail in Wyoming. Our videographer, Max Daines, had one goal: to portray an authentic outdoor experience while showing a brand speaking authentically to its customers.

First up on the video checklist was research and preparation. To create an authentic mountain experience, Max had to pack light so he could ride along for the trip. Rather than setting up and filming in a set spot, Max wanted to be mobile and able to film every step of the way.

The gear included two Sony a7sII cameras, a shotgun mic, and a few cine lenses. The video was shot in 4k to capture the beautiful Northern Wyoming views. For a lightweight drone, the DJI Phantom 4 was used.

Once on the trail, the logistics of filming in route had to be figured out. One reason the DJI Phantom 4 was chosen is because it was easier to have a drone that could remain in the air with minimal setup and takedown, providing beautiful aerial views of the trail.

From the ground, a 35 cine lens was used for 90% of the action. The focal length is the perfect balance for anything from portraits to action, giving the video a cinematic look with minimal lens changing and adjustments.

With the proper preparation and setup, Max was able to film as if he was just another member of the crew along for the ride, giving viewers a first-person experience instead of the view of an outsider.

In the end, Max was happy, we were happy, and the client was happy. Of the finished project, Max said:

“I think that translated well and the video comes across as a brand speaking a familiar language to its customers, rather than just another flashy, inauthentic commercial.”

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