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Highland Custom Homes Teams up with Our video production team to showcase their Heber Valley Home

Whenever our clients complete work on their biggest projects, our video production team is on-site ready to make the project come to life on the digital screen. Using the latest videoing equipment, our videographer, Max Daines, took to the air to showcase Highland Custom Homes Heber Valley Home.

This modern mountain custom home is located in one of the most exclusive communities in Utah, Red Ledge Homes. The custom multi-level Heber Valley Home captures a modern, open feel that fits right in with the community while staying unique. Just minutes from Deer Valley, it blends perfectly into its mountainous environment. Fortunately, all we needed to do was capture this beauty on film.

Working closely with the Highland Custom Homes team, our Utah video production team formed a game plan that highlights the best the home offers.

There’s nothing quite like a first impression. That’s why we pulled out the big guns for the exterior shots. Daines brought a DJI Inspire 2 and waited for golden hour, where all video magic happens. Luckily, the home is striking from the first moment you see it, so it wasn’t hard to find the perfect shots. Not to mention, the summer sunset also gave us nearly 30-minutes of perfect light to showcase the modern architecture of the home.

Then, we got to work on the interior.

For the interior, Max Daines, our in-house videographer, used a combination of gimbal and slider to create smooth-and-controlled motion showing off the house. His gimbal setup was a DJI Ronin paired with an as7II and 16-35. On the Kessler slider, he also used the a7sII with a 24mm cinema lens to give a shallower depth of field for the controlled slider shots.

This equipment allowed Daines to show off the interior floor plan with broad, sweeping shots. These shots showed off the interior’s abundant natural light, expansive open floor plan, and timeless design.

Along with the equipment, the interior shots were done at a slower pace. This pace is fast enough to keep it more engaging than a photo but slow enough to take in the scale and impressive features of the house. Whether Daines was working on footage of the gourmet kitchen or the bedroom-bath combinations, all of his work makes the space come to life through the camera lens.

While we were working with the Highland Custom Homes team, it was clear that they did all of the work with extra care and precision. For this reason and more, we knew we had to do the same with this video. Luckily, it wasn’t too hard to create something spectacular with a product like this.

For more information about our video production capabilities, visit our services page or contact us today.