Parasitic advertising with Google Adwords – Search Marketing Ethics

February 5, 2009

Every so often we hit Google and check our name to find individuals trading on our mark,  and noticed an interesting twist on the theme.   A  local competitor of ours apparently thinks highly enough of us to run a Google PPC campaign on Red Olive .  Keep up the good work guys.

Apparently you can also bid on RED OLIVE on eBay, says they have a “Huge Selection”, god bless ebay!


6 Responses to “Parasitic advertising with Google Adwords – Search Marketing Ethics”

  1. I did the same search and sure enough “the other guys” came up. So I clicked on them, as should everyone who reads this…I figure I cost them a $1.75, now only if we can get all our friends to do this….suckers!

  2. Mark - Melbourne Web Design

    Ha! That’s awesome! You can’t get a much better compliment than that!
    Seriously though, who would Google your company specifically and then click on anything but your website. I’d be very interested to see if they get ANY traffic from that.

    Unrelated: Stumbled upon your blog by accident and am impressed. Good work guys!

  3. Thanks Mark. Tell me this, have you by chance ever been to the Red Olive Restaurant in Melbourne? It’s tops on my list of resaurants to visit outside the US, for obvious reasons. Honestly in another life I would love to launch a RedOlive Restaurant here.

  4. If anyone knows these guys, you shouldn’t be surprised. They spend the day wishing they were as good as the competition. You can also check out Discount Design. Same group. Rather pathetic actually.