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Red Olive Design is happy to take on a site designing task with a big force in the Opthalmology community — Retina Associates of Utah. They found us and would like to build a new site that not only presents a clean and easy service description, but a information hub for patients, family and those affected by disorders of the retina.

So with that said, we should produce a cool site that can emphasis the high level of care they put out, have downloadable PDF forms patients can print from home, make displayable maps to indicate building locations, and have cool Bios on the five MDs profiling their personality and work. Whew! It’s quite a list but hey, we will do all to please the medical community.

Retina Associates of Utah are the biggest team of Retina specific Ophthalmologists in the Mountain West. We are happy that they sought us out to make their virtual face as flawless as their practice.