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Ski Town Restaurants, soon to be found at, sought out Red Olive to help them both create and design a site from scratch. Ski Town came to the Olive with a novel service approach to aid hungry online vacationers find ski town restaurants across the U.S. — starting with Utah’s posh Park City and Deer Valley area.

The site will have the usability to allow Ski Town to upload restaurant profiles, actual menu lists with star ratings submitted by readers. Red Olive will spend a good deal of the time constructing a data base system and content managing interface to make Ski Town’s site updates easy.

This will all be coupled with the artistic styling coming from our graphic designers who have many Utah influences to inspire them — quite easy being that we are a local Utah Graphic Design firm just minutes away from the greatest snow and ski outlets on earth (we brag — see the car plates).

The site project is a doosey with a lot of work cut out for our crew. Until next blog installment, we’ll keep you in the Ski Town Restaurants project update loop.