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August 31, 2018

How Google Reviews Help Businesses Rank Higher

See how your business can rank higher in local search results. We’ve known for a while that Google reviews significantly impact where your business lands in the Google search algorithm. This is especially true when people turn to search engines for help when making buying decisions. The good news? Local businesses can now compete with […]

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August 22, 2018

Why Online Reviews Matter to Local Businesses

Online business reviews effect on local SEO Say goodbye to the old days when critic reviews only mattered in the business of restaurants and consumer goods. These days everyone is a critic and the effects on local businesses are more consequential than you might think. Whether you’re a brand-new business working from the ground-up or […]

August 15, 2018

How to Get More Local Business Reviews & Boost SEO

The Importance of User Reviews for Local SEO Local businesses face many challenges. Getting customers to your front door is probably the first on your list. Even if you have a steady flow of loyal customers, you still need to have a consistent stream of new people coming in as well. So, the first question […]

Elements of Web Design Featured Image
April 1, 2013

The Top Five Elements of Web Design

Full Infographic here In today’s technology driven world, most consumers either prefer to purchase products exclusively online, or look to a company’s website to see if their storefront is worth visiting. This means that no matter how beautiful your location is, you’ll still be overlooked by many consumers if you don’t have the website to […]

August 25, 2008

Bye Tetris… Hurry and download iPhone Tetris before wednesday!!!

Noah Witherspoon creator of the free iPhone app “Tris” is being sued by the Tetris company over his app. He announced today that he has to take it down due to him being a student with no resources for a court fight. Hands down the best free app in the appstore is now going away, […]

February 14, 2008

AS3 Event Troubleshooting

Alright to kick this off I will warn you; I’m a terrible writer. That being said let me get down to what this post is really about, the AS3 MOUSE_LEAVE event. Generally the syntax to add and use an event would be as follows: stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_LEAVE, someFunction); function(event:MouseEvent):void { trace(“Your mom goes to college”); } Because […]