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Red Olive was invited to be part of the Art Institute of Salt Lake City Professional Advisory Committee (PAC). This committee meets twice a year and reviews the schools facilities, curriculum, and student work to determine how well they are meeting professional needs and trends within the Graphic Design community and/or what they can improve in.

Thinking about getting into the design biz and need to learn how? Take a look at Art Institute of Salt Lake City. Great resources at this school, a library any designer would kill for. A top notch computer lab and access to printers I only dreamed about in school. They are adding new resources everyday based on the needs of the students. The teachers really seem to care about the students, if you put in the extra work you will get extra opportunities to do some great work. Check them out and tell them your friends at Red Olive send you.

A lot has changed since I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado, but so has this industry. Thanks guys for letting us be involved.