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Hearth Kitchen hired Red Olive, a utah web design firm, to tackle a number of projects (i.e., Web design and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Ecommerce, etc.) alongside the launch of their new informercial.

Hearth Kitchen’s revolutionary new product, the HearthKit is designed to faithfully convert home ovens into Brick ovens, allowing the home cook to experience the exceptional benefits of hearth oven baking and cooking.

The HearthKit is manufactured from a blend of cordierite, a specialized blend of earthen materials, bonded to create a ceramic material. The key to a hearth oven is its unique ability to cook foods from the inside out, not just the outside in! Typically, roasted products may be baked at higher temperatures, allowing the food to sear on the outside and maintain juiciness inside. The incredible benefits to hearth-baked products are well documented and unchallenged.