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January 12, 2007

Old school asp trick to track referrer and use it in your contact forms

Ever wanted to know how a visitor found your site but are too lazy to go look up the stats?  Collect the referrer information on the homepage and store it in a session.  When they fill out a contact form collect that info and there you go.  The below code assumes you have a windows […]

November 3, 2006

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Back in the early years of the Internet, you could do very little Search Engine Optimization and be ranked on the first page, or even #1.  And with little or no maintenance you would stay in that position for a long time.  But times have changed, therefore, a different approach must be taken in order […]

September 9, 2006

Search engine optimization with WordPress and IIS6, how to get permalinks to work without Apache

We are big fans of wordpress and would like to share some of our own research to help others with similar issues.  It really sucks that WordPress by default doesn’t work with php/IIS installs.  One would ask why not just switch to Apache?  Because it can’t run ASP.NET, that’s why.  Rather than dedicate an apache box […]

May 23, 2006

Netscape 6.x doesn’t display CSS repeating backgrounds properly, how to fix

You may run across a fairly undocumented bug while developing web sites in CSS.  The background you’ve defined in your CSS doesn’t want to repeat.  Typically you could just use the “clear:both” attributes but it fails too.  A simple fix is to put a regular HTML 4.0 tag like <BR> in your code and apply […]

March 14, 2005

Red Olive Design Inc. a Utah Web Design and Creative Firm

Finally, we decided to put together a much talked about utah web design blog. We initially only wanted to post common bugs or issues we faced while developing websites as an inhouse/public resource. Hopefully once picked up by the search engines it would help others facing similar conundrums. It was only after marketing heard we […]