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If you’re reading this, you already know how important SEO is. After all, the average person in Las Vegas conducts 3 to 4 Google searches a day — including searches for your business (or at least the service or product you offer). That’s why if you’re not showing up within the top 10 Google results for searches like “Las Vegas defense attorney” or “coffee shop near me,” you’re missing highly motivated traffic to your site.

But, you hired an SEO company! You don’t need to worry about this anymore, right?

The truth is, not every Las Vegas SEO company offers the same level of results. Lots of companies have popped up to capitalize on the essential need for SEO, but few have the skill, capacity, and strategy that’s necessary for mastering Google’s game.

If you have doubts about your SEO company, or you’re a first-time shopper for SEO services, keep reading. We’re sharing the five things every SEO company should offer. If your SEO company isn’t doing these things, It’s nothing personal; it’s probably just time to part ways.

Does your Las Vegas SEO service show you case studies of real results?

At its core, SEO is perfectly (sometimes painfully) black and white. While content marketing, branding, and social media offer results in many shades of gray, Google’s omniscient algorithm makes quantifying measurable results easy: did your ranking and organic traffic improve — or not?

Las Vegas is a highly saturated market for local search results. With just over two million residents — and nearly three million annual visitors — it takes consistent work and clever strategy to stay in the top search result spots. That’s especially true for highly competitive keywords like lawyer, private school, or dentist.

Not to make this about us, but here’s an example of SEO results you should see when you head to your SEO company’s site or listen to their pitch:

CLIENT: Las Vegas personal injury law firm
TARGETED KEYWORDS: Those related to “Las Vegas Attorney”
TIMELINE: < 12 months

  • 64 new keywords (reflecting a combined 7,000 searches per month) moved to page 1 of Google — a.k.a. “the sweet spot”
  • The average keyword position improved by 25 spots

SEO Results for Las Vegas Client

Do they continually adapt their strategy?

To keep up with growing search volume, shifting consumer behavior, and advancements in artificial intelligence, Google’s algorithm has evolved significantly from the early aughts. In those days, SEO was a bit more like the Wild West — early digital marketers made their own rules. What was effective twenty, ten, or even five years ago probably isn’t best practice today. In fact, things like keyword stuffing or pages for every keyword variation, which used to offer great results, are now seen as damaging to your site’s reputation. Google has declared publicly (multiple times) that it caters to sites that value user experience, not algorithms.

Your Las Vegas SEO services team shouldn’t be following tactics they developed a decade ago (that’s a certified red flag). They should know that for faster, more efficient SEO, a single approach doesn’t work. Lots of SEO companies will sell you a checklist package where they’ll only do “X, Y, and Z” every month. While their ideas may be sound, their inability to adapt ends up hurting you.

Our team uses monthly resets to take an objective view of our current strategy and identify its holes. What opportunities are we missing? What can we scrap to reallocate effort elsewhere? What’s the competition doing well right now?

We ask these kinds of questions about our clients’ SEO strategy every month before they ever even think to reach out. Our monthly resets help us function as a specialized but supportive branch of our clients’ teams — one that cares more about results than waiting for the check to clear.

Does their team include experts in design, development, content, and PPC?

SEO managers may direct your brand’s digital marketing strategy, but they can’t do it alone. Web developers, graphic designers, content strategists, and even pay-per-click digital advertising experts are the crew that keeps the show going. For example,

  • A copywriter or content strategist should craft content that meets SEO goals but also engages visitors to your site to keep them there longer. (Remember: Google loves user experience.)
  • A graphic designer or web developer should build out new pages or adjust web settings to support marketing updates and craft visually appealing content.
  • A pay-per-click expert should work in tandem with the SEO manager to collaborate on keyword strategy, further increase traffic to a site, and support immediate and long-term digital marketing goals.

Do they give you a dedicated account manager?

Is it difficult to get a hold of your SEO company or figure out exactly what they’re doing? When you’re paying for Las Vegas SEO services each month, confusion shouldn’t be part of the package.

An SEO company dedicated to customer service should assign you a specific point person, someone you can get a hold of quickly, and someone who proactively reaches out to you to keep things running smoothly.

The other benefit to an account manager? Ongoing quality assurance. Dedicated account managers act as advocates for your brand; they find opportunities, catch errors, and rope in the right team members to get things done. SEO may be a technical, jargon-filled trade, but if your Las Vegas SEO company is using that as an excuse to scrimp on customer service, that’s just bad business.

Do they corner you into a long-term contract?

This may be a controversial opinion, but we think long-term contracts are a serious red flag for any SEO company; good service and measurable results should be all they need to retain your business.

If you have an SEO salesman fishing for you to sign a long-term contract, or if they already have you hooked, it’s probably time to start looking elsewhere. Long-term contracts benefit them, not you (and that’s not the kind of business partner you want).

Red Olive is Las Vegas SEO Done the Right Way

As an SEO company ourselves, we know the secrets of how people in our industry cut corners; we’ve seen it firsthand. We think SEO is too valuable to overlook these kinds of red flags. It’s worth the extra time and expense to find a reputable, experienced company that can back up its snappy sales pitch with real results.

If it’s time to ditch your current Las Vegas SEO company, we can pick up SEO where they left off. Many of our loyal clients come to us after being burned by bad SEO; we know how to get you back on track and make up for lost time. When you’re ready for a refreshingly different agency, try Red Olive.

Let’s start with an SEO audit. Our team will review your current SEO standing and give you a candid look at what’s working and what’s not. The best part? It’s free.