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Just wanted to take a moment and formally introduce our latest addition at Red Olive, Aaron Vaughn. World champion soccer player, accomplished writer, SEO genius, and all around good guy. Ok so he doesn’t even play soccer but I will vouch for the rest! Aaron was brave enough to accept the challenge of being our full-time SEO analyst / copywriter.

The term “content is king” has never been more true for search engine marketing, above all else, good content is where it’s at. Not only does Aaron have a journalism degree from the University of Utah, he has worked for top tech companies in Utah.  Aaron transitioned to the Olive from one of the largest SEO firms in the state, bringing with him a wealth of marketing knowledge and insight.

As the seventh olive on the branch, our tree is stronger than ever before with roots growing ever deeper into design, development, and marketing. Thanks for choosing us to spend days with Aaron, we look forward to being dazzled.