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I’ve always shied away from calling myself a ‘writer.’ As a Montana resident, the mountain steppe lands of central Montana to be more precise, any talk of being a writer might get you corralled into a holding pen and forced to ‘squeal like a pig,’ under duress of a molten branding iron. And luckily my fondness for farm animals never came to fruition as expected by my peers, so I never stuck around with farm labor as a career path, but the work ethic and thick skin kept.

Hi, I’m Aaron, your SEO specialist and now fellow member and adopted kin clansman of Red Olive Design. After my hazing and initiation at the Olive, I’ll be happy to optimize your web site to produce happy search engine results. I’ve got the writing chops to do copy and simply know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve honed my writing craft working as a journalist, and fused that while working in business and marketing for the last several years.

I feel worthy that I’ve gained the respect from the folks at Red Olive and am truly at home with fellow minds that aren’t about aligning themselves with industry standards and burning through work for the bottom line. Money seems to be the only bottom line factor for much of industry today, but at the Olive, being genuine, thoughtful and hard working seems to be more their mark " mine too .