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Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ keynote is underway today. And in typical Apple fashion, they are starting with statistics. The big stat that caught my attention was the ‘Year over Year Growth’ chart showing PC at 4% and Mac at 23%. So I thought I would come up with a list of a few things Microsoft can do to improve PC growth.

  1. Allow PC’s to run 360 games, this would boost hardware sales.
  2. Partner with a hardware company to develop a $600 retail desktop with a powerful video card to run app store games.
    Most pc’s come with lousy video cards, and to upgrade, you typically have to buy a more powerful power supply as well. Replacing a power supply and video card just to play mid-range games = lame and expensive.
  3. Try to work with hardware manufacturers to reduce bloatware on new machines.
  4. Start shipping PC’s with restore discs again. Trust me, people like restore discs.


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