Cross Platform Programming OPTIMIZED WEB EXPERIENCES

Why PHP? It is easily the most popular programming language on the web today that is cross platform, meaning it can run on windows or linux. Steering clear of proprietary programming variants makes us more viable as a company because we support a broader range of clients.

We actually started life as a ASP.NET shop and migrated to PHP due to overwhelming demand from our clients. When you develop solely in .NET you essentially become unmarketable to the more than half of your potential clients, clients that will only allow unix/linux servers in their organization. Most industries that value security like financial services, health care, government, etc. required us to program in PHP, hence the change. While both have their advantages only PHP is cross platform.

Back End

  • Dashboards
  • API Integration
  • Custome E-commerce
  • Custom CMS

Front End

  • Responsive Design
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Mobile First


If we feel we can’t move the needle on your business, we won’t take on your account.

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