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We all know that iPhones are for people who just think they need one to be cool, am I right?* Does an iPhone scream “DROID!” at you everytime you get a text though? No, it doesn’t. Therefore a lot of people are making the correct change to the open source and lovable phone, the Motorolla Droid. How hard is it to set up your email though? It’s as easy as saying “DROID!” in a high pitched robotic voice (well maybe a little more difficult).

Step One: Open up the “Mail” application from your menu. (note you can drag this icon to your desktop by tapping the icon and holding it for about 2-3 seconds)

Open The Email Application

Step two: Once the email application is open you will be prompted to enter in your email address and password for the account you are setting up. If you host email through us your username and password were provided to you at some point during the process. Remember that it will always be your FULL email used for any login regarding email. Click next after you have entered in the required info.

Enter In Your Email Address and Password

Step Three: now you need to pick the type of account you are going to set up. For this tutorial I’m going to set up an IMAP which basically mimics your real inbox on your phone (i.e. if you delete a message on your phone it is deleted from your computer as well).

Pick the type of account you wish to set up.

Step 4: After you select IMAP from the choices you will be given a few more fields to fill out. The username / password / and IMAP server fields should be automatically populated, however if you are using Red Olive for your email you will need to change them. Remember your username will ALWAYS be your full email address and the IMAP server will change to ( if you are an older client 4 yrs+). The port will be host specific so change it to 993 and the security type to SSL (Accept all certificates) — if you host through Red Olive. Click next and it will check to make sure it can connect successfully! If it does yay! If not make sure you double check your password and all settings.

Set up incoming IMAP server

Step 5: Now we need to set up your outgoing mail settings. The server is the server you used in the previous screen (either or Make sure you change the port to 465 and the security type to SSL and that “Require sign-in.” is checked. Click next and the Droid will verify these settings as well.

Enter in outgoing settings

That’s all there is to it. After the Droid verifies this info you will be prompted to enter in a few personal settings like the frequency to update, notification, and a nickname for the account. Once those settings are set you’ll be directed to your inbox where you can start enjoying your millions (maybe) of emails!

*note – No I really don’t have anything against the iPhone users out there. We all have fads at some point in our life :0).

P.S. – The droid really is a better phone.


  • Richard Lockwood says:

    I am unable to get my droid to accept the email address/ password combination in order to set up an IMAP account. Any suggestions?

    • Make sure you are using your full email address not just Richard, and verify that you are using as your SMTP and IMAP server address. This how to is using which is incorrect for your specific setup.