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Connecting a new website to all the marketing platforms we use, and setting up the needed functionality to make us successful was no easy or quick task. We oftentimes depended on our developers to add functionality and tags to our clients’ websites as they came in. Many of the items were the same for all sites and hogged up valuable developer resources. We saw the need to create some premium wordpress plugins to allow any of our marketers to set up all these features easily and in a fool-proof manner, thus alleviating our developers from these recurring tasks.

WordPress is our go-to CMS. WordPress works great for the majority of our clients that are service-based businesses as well as WordPress + WooCommerce for our Ecommerce clients.

We created two plugins: RO Marketing & RO WooCommerce. RO Marketing comes in two flavors: RO Marketing Free, and RO Marketing PRO. These plugins are available on and the free version of RO Marketing is available on We use these plugins on all of our sites built on WordPress and it speeds up the setup time immensely. These plugins are a great solution whether you are a single website operation or work at a very large marketing agency.

RO Marketing Free handles adding any of the necessary sitewide tags you’d want to add to your site such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, live chat tags, multiple A/B testing tags, various PPC tags, other sitewide header and footer scripts, and more. The ease of adding these tags really makes this plugin worth it’s weight. You paste in a tracking code’s ID and check a box to turn it on.

The RO Marketing PRO plugin includes everything in the free version plus additional functionality that doesn’t exist in WordPress by default. Unique features include adding a scheduled site-wide announcement banner for promos, announcements, etc., easy mailchimp subscription forms, media library file renaming, forcing HTTPS on all pages, a custom 404 report that allows you to identify broken pages as well as see how people that land on said pages interact with your site afterward, a 301 redirects manager that allows bulk import and export, and more.

Our WooCommerce plugin, RO WooCommerce turns on GA Ecommerce Tracking, creates a customer lifetime value report, sends shopping cart abandonment emails, various PPC tracking pixels to fire on checkout success, Google AdWords and Bing Ads XML shopping feed with many unique features such as product-level override settings and adding all product variations to the feed with their own image and url, automatic coupon code application via url, adding products with quantities to the cart with urls, adding infinite scroll to category pages, previewing email templates, autocompletion of addresses on the checkout page and more.

Purchasing one of our plugins allows 12 months of support, feature additions, and bug fixes. Licenses can be renewed every 12 months thereafter. Price points start for single-site licenses and jump all the way up to 20-site licenses.

Our plan is to continue to add additional functionality to increase conversions, average time on site, and increase the bottom line.