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We were excited to work with Thatcher & Co. a boutique PR firm on Broadway in beautiful New York City.

We headed out to New York for a week at their office in the heart of Times Square.

Located 27 floors up in the Paramount building, Thatcher just completed renovation on a beautiful, modern workspace. To the west, the Hudson River, and to the east, the Empire State building — with incredible views of Times Square and the New Year’s Ball.

Given the exclusivity of the location, we wanted to showcase Thatcher’s space visually on their new website.

We split our time between photography and video, using a couple of Sony full-frame cameras, a gimbal, slider, and strobes. The video will focus on the space and its proximity to Times Square — the photos capture the lifestyle and culture of Thatcher and its employees.

With a space like this, it’s hard to take a bad photo.