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First off, let me applaud Microsoft for finally getting a good name for their search engine. Back in July I ran the numbers on a few of our sites and Bing was sitting at about 7% of the total search engine traffic. This time I ran the numbers on a sample of 5 of our SEO sites (to save time) that have been around awhile. By around awhile, I am talking at least 4+ years old.

  • 15356 hits (5 sites/30 days of traffic)
  • 12,211 from google. 79.5%
  • 1,730 from yahoo. 11.3%
  • 1,415 from bing. 9.2%

Keep in mind this is by no means scientific, but rather a quick look at a few of our sites. With our sites, Bing looks like it improved. However, it appears to have taken hits from Yahoo and not Google. And since Yahoo and Bing appear to be merging at some point, success needs to be measured by taking hits from Google.