We use a combination of in-house marketing software and analytics to analyze and develop effective campaigns to keep costs down and conversions high. On a monthly basis you will be provided in depth reports as to what your best performing keywords and phrases were and advise on future changes to keep the campaign(s) effective. Experience pays when it comes to effectively converting thousands of visitors for a given phrase.

Our PPC analysts refine your local Pay Per Click ads until you reach the optimal formula for reaching local customers. We test different PPC Ads to identify which one is the most profitable for you by converting your local customers. We also keep an eye on your top competitors and make sure that you are always in the top three.

Why managed PPC?

  • Immediately increase sales
  • Attract the right visitors with the right keywords
  • Discover hidden potential in long tail phrases that you may not have considered
  • Target specific geographical areas
  • Use your budget more effectively

Our Pay per Click Process

  • Our analysts determine keywords and phrases that are most likely to succeed
  • A PPC account is designed according to your business needs and budget
  • We analyze the return and constantly adjust ads, terms, exclusions to cut losses
  • On-site landing page optimization is often part of a successful strategy

Local PPC

Local PPC allows your advertising campaigns to be more successful by honing in on a specific geographic area. Resulting in more qualified clicks and increased conversion which lower your overall advertising costs.

For example a portrait photographer in Draper, Utah would never want to be paying for ads being displayed on national terms like “Portrait Photographer” knowing that they can only service clients in Utah. At Red Olive, we create and manage targeted ads to attract local visitors.


If we feel we can’t move the needle on your business, we won’t take on your account.

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