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After completing the new website  for Upper Limit Aviation, they invited us down for some one on one helicopter flight training. Being the adventurous bunch we are, we took them up.  Ok , just for a moment,  we thought we might die if we were handed the controls.  After a quick pep talk and laying the groundwork of what all the levers and pedals do we set to the sky in four choppers over the Salt Lake Valley. We each got a half an hour to learn on control at a time until we could handle all of them and fly by ourselves, with an instructor within an inch of the controls of course.  If you have never done this I highly suggest you call them and hook it up, it’s freakin awesome!  Turned out to be a great team building exercise for us, and we can now say “I flew a helicopter and nobody died!” 

 Thanks again to the team down at ULA.

Upper Limit Aviation in Salt Lake City Utah