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Red Olive is excited to announce our collaboration with Ivanti IT & Software Solutions. We had the unique opportunity to partner with the Ivanti team to put together a UX solution that is not only eye catching, but specific to their international user base.

Ivanti was having some homepage interaction pain points in which visitors were stuck in a click-based hierarchy that stopped them from moving beyond the above the fold content. While in our discovery phase with Ivanti’s key Marketing, Design, and Development team members, Red Olive was able to analyze their great insight, analytics and heatmaps to produce accurate user journeys to relieve these pain points. This multi-department collaboration with both companies is exactly how we were able to arrive to the sweet spot between design and function that is sure to produce positive results!

A lesson in explorative design

Finding the right balance when working within established brand guidelines does not intimidate the Red Olive team. We see it as a way to spark creativity to help push the brand into the future. We love being involved in this step to help dream it up and move it forward in the right direction.

  • Created User Stories that funnel the visitors into 3 action items
  • Presented Wireframes that speak to each of the unique user journeys
  • Nailed down the continuity with established brand guidelines
  • Presented 3 designs using InvisionApp with complementing Motion Comp
  • Revisions and tweaks to make sure all goals will be met



Coding together is more fun!

Our development team was able to sit and work 1 on 1 to make sure we met the same coding standards as the Ivanti team. This allowed us to limit hiccups while merging the new code with the existing framework. Our collaboration and framework archetyping kept us on time and budget with Ivanti and made for open communication between two development teams to talk techniques and best practices. With both teams doing the heavy lifting, we knew that this product was going to be a fine-tuned machine.

  • Setup Bitbucket for version control working between many developers
  • Finessing CSS & SVG animations
  • Using simple elegant techniques to create a modern look for everyone
  • Optimization and code review with the team


Quality Assurance makes the difference

At this point, we know how close we are to the finish line but the excitement from each department to launch, makes it easy to overlook a rigorous quality assurance process. Red Olive has a rock-solid QA process which ensures none of the details are overlooked. The Ivanti product touched every department at the Red Olive office. The fresh eyes helped confirm that we were putting out a truly top-notch experience. Red Olive uses a bug tracking software called TrackDuck that encourages everyone to screenshot any potential issue no matter if they are viewing it at Ivanti or at home on their personal devices. TrackDuck records the issue, browser version, and device so that our team can organize and prioritize the issues. We then move to in-house testing on all the most popular devices logging and tracking the progress on anything discovered. Our design team reviews the animation timing and compares it to the motion comps to assure that every second counts while engaging with the website. Our use of emulators and virtual computers help us conclude our week long QA process. We never want to rush this step and the results are clear that every detail has been curated to create the final experience.