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Utah Google Ads Management & PPC Marketing

Photo of Utah PPC team meeting discussing ideas with content director

Plenty of Utah PPC agencies promise incredible results, yet month after month fail to produce them; we’ve seen it too many times to count.

That’s because most agencies offload your Google Ad campaigns to jack-of-all-trade digital marketers who are also juggling SEO, account management, and content marketing. “Good enough” is as good as it gets.

Our Utah-based PPC management & paid social team has a reputation for fixing broken or wasteful Google Ad accounts for brands that know they’re losing traction. When you’ve had enough of “good enough,” we diagnose and repair your ad account to start generating the results you need.

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Your Google Ad performance is a game of numbers. And we have a hunch that, right now, you aren’t winning.

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2024 Google Premier Partner

The title says it all. Red Olive is now among the top 3% of Google’s marketing partners in the United States! It’s kind of a big deal. No—it’s a really big deal. Hope you don’t mind if we toot our own horn a little.

Platforms We Support
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Why We Aren’t Like Other Utah PPC Agencies

Most Utah PPC agencies have a revolving door of clients.To keep up with their high churn rate, their focus falls solely on sales, rather than actual performance.

As the top Salt Lake City PPC agency, we do things differently, and here’s proof:

01 We’re proud to still have the first Google Ads client we ever signed, a feat unheard of in our Utah PPC industry.

02 Our average retention is 2.5 years compared to the typical set-it-and-forget-it PPC agency, which has a turnover rate of fewer than 90 days

03 We hold a higher standard for experience. Our team is exclusively made up of senior paid social and Google Ad managers — not entry-level marketers. We give them the time and resources they need to learn the intricacies of your industry and find opportunities others have missed.


The Numbers don’t lie


And 19,410 clicks in fraud saved


Money under management


All-time revenue generated


All-time conversions generated


All-time impressions generated


All-time clicks generated

How We Repair & Revive Your PPC Campaigns

01  Superior Advertising Intelligence

We actively manage your account at all times. To make us more efficient, we’ve discovered and adopted the best software in the industry to analyze over 75 different performance factors every day. This helps us quickly determine where we can make the most impactful changes. As a result, we pivot and refine your campaigns 10x faster when new trends reveal themselves.

We’ve done the work to find the best tools in the industry — ones that offer clarity about your conversion path at a level you probably haven’t seen before. Within our toolbelt, we can quickly see what worked and where. Detailed insights into conversions explain which form, phone number, ad, keyword, or page produced the best results so we always spend smarter.

02  Cost-Saving Click Fraud Prevention

90% of all PPC ad campaigns on Google and Bing are affected by click fraud. That means companies spending $10,000 per month on Google Ads management are estimated to be losing approximately $12,000 to $15,000 each year to click fraud. (Source)

As part of our paid ads management service, we include click fraud protection to watch for bots, competitors, and abusive users that intentionally blow through your budget so they can bump you from your spot. Just this year, we saved our clients from over 17,500 clicks by blacklisting users and requesting refunds of over $475,000.

03  Multi-Layered Budget Monitoring

We monitor budget pacing within a single platform and across multiple platforms, allowing us to quickly make decisions and shift your budget to what works. We also continually A/B test both ad strategy and ad creative to determine the highest-performing combinations and eliminate non-performers to prevent wasteful spending.

04  A Commitment to Quality Over Everything

Most agencies ignore your ad campaign’s quality score, saying performance is all that counts; we say that’s not true. While ad platforms continue to evolve, the foundation of an effective ad account continues to always be quality ads. And, quality saves you money: a high-quality ad account can pay up to four times less for the same clicks as a low-quality one. For this reason, while others ignore quality score because it’s more difficult to achieve, we double down to improve it.

the Power of the Landing Page
White Paper

Why the Destination is Just as Critical as the Ad

Every strong landing page has similar elements. These work to improve each visitor’s overall experience, which in turn increases the likelihood they convert. Download our free whitepaper for a quick, 5-minute read to learn what best practices our pros always start with.


We Give Your Account the Attention & Creativity It Needs

Because of our highly specialized and dedicated PPC marketing team, we can go much deeper than most agencies, refining campaigns on a level many marketers don’t even know exists — or at least don’t have time to mess with.

We take a holistic approach to PPC marketing, offering suggestions that extend beyond what we see in Google Ad Manager or Facebook Ads Manager. Often, this includes building a custom landing page, reworking content to better convert potential customers, or adjusting design elements to better support your customers’ behavior.

Our agency’s clearly defined roles across SEO, design, and content allows our PPC managers to outsource related tasks to those on our team who know it best. When needed, we pull in our other Red Olive experts as consultants to further improve your PPC campaign at every level without sacrificing a moment of attention to monitoring your campaign.

Red Olive has been my digital marketing partner for years now. They built our current website, manage our DM spend, and are brilliant at SEO. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Mark NeihartPremier Equestrian

If you’ve made it this far, it’s worth reaching out to our team to see if Red Olive could be the right fit for you

You may know exactly what you want, or you may need help identifying where and how you should invest in your digital brand. Either way, we are trusted web design consultants for brands near you and across the country. Our team can help you identify missed opportunities and create a game plan you feel confident about.

So, reach out: let’s get started on your best website yet.

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Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together

Scott SmithScott Smith
17:18 09 Oct 23
This is an amazing and talented team to work with! Red Olive is responsive, collaborative, creative and goal oriented. I have entrusted them with my company's online presence for nearly 10 years. I'd highly recommend exploring a partnership with these guys.
Adam FAdam F
23:02 28 Jun 23
Hi, I'm Derek, the General Manager of Adam's Moving Service. For nearly two years, we have partnered with Red Olive to handle our SEO and Paid Ads management services, and they have been truly exceptional!We have worked with various SEO companies before, but Red Olive is first class. With them, we never feel like we're being left in the dark or given generic information. Their team consistently provides us with performance reports, fresh content, and innovative strategies to enhance our rankings, branding, and online presence. Special shout-out to Ashlyn, our Account Manager, who always goes the extra mile to ensure that we are satisfied. She's truly amazing, and we couldn't imagine working without her.We also recently asked Red Olive to help improve our website and they designed and built us a new one from scratch. It's incredible! Without a doubt, they are the best partners we have ever had.
Brigham GoeringerBrigham Goeringer
22:25 19 Jan 23
Great team to work with. They built my website and handled all the SEO/marketing which helped grow my business more than I expected...and a lot quicker.
Anna BarbieriAnna Barbieri
22:25 18 Jan 23
Love Red Olive. They handle so much of what we don’t have time or expertise to handle. If you’re going to spend marketing dollars it’s well worth having someone like Paul to make sure you get the best bang for the buck. I like the frequent updates too.
Walanya VongsviratesWalanya Vongsvirates
16:32 02 Dec 22
Red Olive is an incredible agency to work with. Their entire team is so knowledgeable and communicative, it truly is a joy to work with them. Know that you'll get the opportunity to work with a team of marketing specialists when you choose to work with them. Their team has helped my company continuously excel in our sales and stay on top of latest SEO and advertising practices. I'm so grateful for Red Olive and their wonderfully talented team. I highly recommend to everyone!
Stephanie OrfanakisStephanie Orfanakis
05:30 10 May 22
Red Olive has been an indispensable partner to me and my team. They help us with SEO and paid digital advertising and are incredibly knowledgeable and creative when it comes to strategy and implementation. We can always count on them to be many steps ahead of us when it comes to best practices and ideas to improve our SEO and advertising efforts. They are professional, timely, and reliable. We are grateful for their partnership!
Mark NeihartMark Neihart
20:00 28 Apr 22
Red Olive has been my digital marketing partner for years now. They built our current website, manage our Dm spend, and are brilliant at SEO. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Jessie FryeJessie Frye
19:48 28 Apr 22
This is one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of working with! Their design, account management, and SEO team are amazing. They are super responsive in all situations. I would highly recommend their services!
Krista AckleyKrista Ackley
17:01 26 Jan 22
Everyone I have worked with at Red Olive has been incredibly helpful, friendly, and responsive! We have received so many compliments on our new website that they designed for us, and we have generated several leads thanks to their SEO efforts. Braydn, Paul, Shawnee, and the rest of the team have been amazing to work with. Thank you, Red Olive!
Brad BishopBrad Bishop
17:09 25 Feb 21
I have been working with Justin and Red Olive for over 10 years. From the logo designer, to the website developers. and to the other staff that got us business cards…They have all been professional, creative, and responsive to our needs.Our initial investment in 2011 to create a logo and website was more expensive than others we looked into, but the recommendations we received and the website examples we reviewed, SOLD US! Their reputation proceeded them then and continue to do so now. After working with them for all these years, we have never looked back! We still even pay a little extra for business cards, because our employees like them so much. Others who originally recommended Red Olive to us say the same thing.I have been so happy with our website. Because our site was developed to be self-maintainable, we easily gained the value and then some from our initial investment. There have been some small maintenance items over time that have had to be assisted with us and it has cost us a little more lately than maybe a smaller individual contractor would charge. However, because technology is much more advanced since then, we are now going back to them for the next 10 years. Contracts with Red Olive set expectations clearly up front, which we appreciate. Red Olive truly set us both up to have successful partnership. I really mean it when I say, "Thank you so much for all that you have done for our organization – It has made a big difference in fulfilling our mission and for helping our clients. We look forward to our new upgraded website."