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Many Utah homeowners dream of owning a property in the mountains of Park City. Whether you hit the ski slopes or love the outdoor scenery, Park City is the perfect lot to build your custom home. At least, that’s what this video shot for our client, Highland Custom Homes, suggests.

Working with the Highland Custom Homes team, our video production team created a video that encapsulates the type of home Highland builds for homeowners. But before we talk about the house, let’s discuss what our videographer used to get these one-of-a-kind shots.

In every video we make, we realize there’s nothing quite like a good first impression. That’s why we pulled out the big guns for opening shots. Focusing on the exterior first, Max Daines, our in-house videographer, brought a DJI Inspire 2 to capture the essence of the house and its location.

Then, we got to work on the interior.

For the interior, Daines used a combination of gimbal and slider to create smooth-and-controlled motion showing off the house. His gimbal setup was a DJI Ronin paired with an as7II and 16-35. On the Kessler slider, he also used the a7sII with a 24mm cinema lens to give a shallower depth of field for the controlled slider shots.

This equipment allowed Daines to show off the interior floor plan with broad, sweeping shots. These shots showed off the interior’s open floor plan, modern mountain design, and endless square footage.

Along with the equipment, the interior shots were done at a slower pace. This pace is fast enough to keep it more engaging than a photo but slow enough to take in the scale and impressive features of the house. Whether Daines was working on footage of the expansive entertainment spaces or the unique open floor plan, he adjusted his equipment and speed accordingly. His work truly makes the space come to life.

All in all, this video wouldn’t be nearly as great without the help of a beautiful product. This home includes almost 7,000 square feet, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and three garage bays. That’s a lot of room to work with. Combining traditional rustic charm with modern architecture and design this mountain-inspired home is perfectly captured with the help of Daines’s lens.

We might love this home, but we aren’t the only ones! As one of only 12 homes featured in the 2018 Park City Area Showcase of Homes, others certainly value the design and craftsmanship that went into the house as much as our video production team does.