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One of the most common hurdles for companies when launching a new website is getting the copy written for each page. Here are some ideas to help assist you in generating copy and content for your website. These tips will help your company create more interesting content and possibly help with Search Engine Optimization.

1. Review what other companies are writing on their page. Search for your topic in Google with something like this: intitle:topic .
When you read what 10 of the top rankings sites use as content for your topic, it puts you in a much better position to think of your own strategy. Don’t plagiarize, but understand what everyone else is doing, and try to do a better or equal job. You might say this tip is obvious, and it is. But the key here is to not just glance at your competitors page, but study it and carefully review it. Could you cover some of the same areas, but improve upon it? Were they missing anything? Sometimes it’s easier to critique than create, and this critiquing process might help you overcome writer’s block.

2. What are the core components or features of your product or service?
Simply highlighting the core features of your product or service in a bulleted list will take up some quality room on your page.

3. Ask yourself what makes your product or service X different from other companies. Here are a few questions to ask about your products or services, to generate secondary content for a page:
Are your products made somewhere that is appealing such as locally or in the USA?
Do you have story behind how your product came to be?
Do you have tips on how to use your product?
If you are selling treadmills, could you write up a tutorial on how to set up the treadmill or create a video demonstrating the setup?
If you are selling HVAC services, could you write up some quick tips for air conditioning maintenance?
Ask your customer support reps what some of their commonly asked questions are, and create a Q&A section on the page.

4. Who is your target end user or buyer? Examples of how target customer information might be added to the page:
Say for example, you sell chairs, and a lot of your chairs are purchased by wedding reception centers.
Could you write up something about why wedding reception centers use your chairs?
Could you add photos and descriptions of chairs being used in such venues?
What features of your chairs specifically apply to wedding reception centers?

Not only will this process help your company with web page creation, it will typically lead to improved SEO. By studying what the top ranking companies are doing, you will likely start to subconsciously pick up on SEO. There are a lot of aspects to SEO, but it starts with creating a page that a search engine would want to return for a search query. I hope these tips have helped you with the difficult task of writing website copy. If you have any questions about copywriting or SEO for your company, contact us. We are located in South Jordan, about 5 minutes south of I-15.

About the Author:Senior SEO Analyst at Red Olive Design. I started out developing sites and helping with SEO. While I am now solely focused on SEO services, I still love a little coding. I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Psychology. If you are interested in learning SEO, I recommend you study websites that currently rank well, view their source code, view their link profile, study how they structure their urls, content, and navigation. Spend less time trying to discover the latest gimmick or trick. You might also consider checking for SEO companies in your area that might offer training or internship programs.

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