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From The Ground Up

Verisys needed a full facelift. Its software leads the industry, but its website was out-of-date and its brand needed refreshing. Verisys came to Red Olive for a modern logo, brand guide, and website that better reflect the brand's sophistication and position in the industry.

Building a Brand

Our first task was to update Verisys' logo. We wanted a memorable, modern look, but we didn't want to stray too far from the existing mark. The website was also aging. It didn't present potential clients with all the necessary information or all of the services available from Verisys. Rather than use stock images, and to avoid looking like a website for a hospital, we chose textures and patterns to give life to the overall look and feel.

Defining The Industry

Verisys created FACIS — industry leading software that revolutionized healthcare background searches. However, FACIS isn’t the only product created by Verisys. Our goal, in creating the site, was to highlight these other products for a more comprehensive view of the organization's offerings.

Truth In Advertising

Verisys is built on transparency, therefore our direction was to be completely transparent with information about the organization and products. To achieve this environment of honesty and absolute integrity, we used statistics and objective testimonials.

Putting a Face to the Name

While the site is very product-focused, it was important to add a human element. We added a detailed leadership page to put faces behind the brand. We added in-depth information about the organization, its history, and its certifications.

Going Mobile

The huge amount of information and data available on the Verisys website made it difficult to translate into a clean, digestible format on mobile. We carefully chose between what was necessary and what was overkill for the mobile user.

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