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Three Falls Property

Form and Function

With another peak season for home-buying rapidly approaching, Three Falls needed a beautiful, modern website to reflect its premium brand and showcase the available properties. Red Olive rose to the occasion with stunning imagery and a fresh, intuitive user experience.

A Birds-Eye View

Three Falls wanted the new site to feature an overview of the area to give visitors a feel for the landscape. The huge property — more than 800 acres — presented an intriguing challenge. Sophisticated drone photography not only presents the potential client with breathtaking views, it adds movement and an interactive element to the site.

Filtering Capabilities

Because of the sheer size of the area and the number of properties available, the site needed a way for buyers to view individual lots and topography. The environment pages help the viewer determine the physical layout of each property.

Interactive Property Map

The Interactive Map allows potential clients to view lot locations and details of the property. It also gives buyers a broad overview to see which lots are available for purchase.

A Company with History

The area's interesting history lends a human element to the site and adds a bit of value to the product. We felt this was an engaging theme, so we added an area to the site that highlights the property's unique history.

At Your Fingertips

Responsive design and functionality were critical for Three Falls' site. Each page was designed for a seamless mobile experience. To speed load times and size constraints, a simplified version of the site was created, so the site can be viewed and used on any size device.

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